“Tango” by Lisa Cappiello

His lips say one thing, but his eyes say something else
He justifies his actions
Perhaps more to himself
She takes it in
And offers to let him be
With out saying much, it's clear that's not what he wants

His words replay in her head still, she longs to be near him
The room is crowded but they somehow find each other
His lips say one thing, but his actions say something else
She tries to leave but he finds a way for her to stay
A little longer
Eventually, she gives in

His lips say one thing, but his touch says something else
Sheltered from the outside world, they surrender
To the force that pulls them together
After their bodies untangle, she distances herself
But he pulls her close
And embraces her in a familiar way
Time passes
They stand still

Temporarily, they slip back into their routine
But it's hard to ignore reality when the sun rises
His lips say one thing, but there's so much more that's left unsaid
They part ways
Their own agendas intact
Not knowing when they will dance again