“Cheap Obsession” by Patricia Kirsch

You're beautiful and fun
outrageous and cheap
You're negative and gross
enjoyable and deep.
I see your comic side
I feel it when you weep
I know when you hide
I scream for your need.
I've lived a thousand ways
and been a million days.
I think you're expensive
and sweet, sour and meek
You're hideous and bold
gregarious and old
You're too rich for me
too poor to suit me
You're angry and young
restless, fussy and wrong.
I love your phony smile
obsess about you in the dark
You're lovely in firelight
ugly in moonlight
when the sun shines
you're as fierce as a tiger
ready to fight.
I want to kill the person
who made you weak
bash and smash their brains
in a heap.
I need to feel your stress
understand your pain
I'm obsessed with your eyes
possessed by the rain.
I want to lounge in your
water-bed and cause a tidal
wave. I want to kiss
your paper cuts and
bandage your brain. I
want to smell the white
roses sitting in your chair.
I want to know what it's
like to trash who's down.
I want to revel in the
secret world, love you til
you're dead. Afterwards
we'll sing a song,
caress til it ends.