“Don’t Read This” by Casey O’Malley

I want to know you like I used to
Back when we were kids and you knew the names of the planes
And I made all the sound effects I want to
Peel back things that don't make sense because really,
Why should skin matter why should clothes matter why
Should we matter
What have we really done in this world

I want to know you and not the
Self-help books you collect I don't want
To hear about the newest skill you learned or understand
Just why a car works the way it works I'd
Rather read a book on you read you find out
What you honestly think of me maybe we could be more but for now
I want to know you, be your friend

You'll stop calling me every Friday if you see this poem.
You'll stop promising to
Meet me for coffee during your lunch hour and
You won't smile at me in that way that makes me feel like
You trust every inch of every part of me

If you see this, we will stop talking.
And I will have to be understanding and I won't
Know you anymore.