“The Wall Street Man” by James G. Piatt

Noise and color combined
In a financial metaphor
Of inartistic oblivion
As tons of dull gray cement
Paves over fields of flowers

Surreal thoughts merged with
Purposely vague meanings
Depicting stark unreality
Containing allegorical symbols
Of excessive indulgence

Once pristine rivers tainted
With green poisonous slag
From a monetary swamp
That evolved from a morass
Of injudicious decisions

Financial credos of rusted metal
And immoral sales slogans
Fused into a stream of spin
Causing an enigma of
Unsolvable paradoxes

Destroyed imaginings
Of naïve dreamers seeped silently
From the minds of the unaware
Causing a huge tsunami
In their conscious awareness

Secret visions
Blinded one's mind's eyes
Malevolent impressions
Too sublime to understand
Defiled one's thoughts

Like a metaphoric mesh
Of bland robotic inclinations
Unrealistic desires like steel snails
Crept toward an abyss
Replete with gluttony

Sprouting in the
Now asphalt meadows
Where humans once dwelled
Clandestine forces slowly
Breed to blur rationality