“From Where I Stand” by Susan Payne

In this space that is mine
I am called out of myself
A challenge to transcend boundaries
One that leaves you behind
To invent your own purpose
Though I am surrounded by clouds
You are my shadow
I feel your presence
I see you in the tangible signs
You leave behind
My breath is moist and deep
As I let go of expectations
To remain at peace
My truth is not your truth
Nor should it be your doctrine
For you should know
A wind that rips the heart
Can surely sever the soul
And taking the saliva
From another's mouth
Will never fill your emptiness
No matter that you consume
You must be able to digest
To ever be satisfied
When freedom is confined by shadows
It is almost meaningless
And words are incomprehensible
When they come from that sacred place
That does not belong to you
Though you are within my landscape
I can not be your bridge
Nor can I soothe your storms
While riding out the furies of my own
I find a deeper resolution
As I scatter your ashes
Do not think I abandoned you
I was never yours
I have no need for validation
Because I know I am
However, I wonder
If I were to be born again
When I turned around
Would you still be there