“A Grotesque Face Approaches” by Robert Maxwell

Course wires sprout from its gangrenous crown
Skin wobbling,
Clings to the barely concealed skull like wet saran wrap
Wrinkles, unfathomable chasms,
Inexhaustible mines of salt and oil
Brow, pale and cratered
A precipice bulging far beyond its rightful bounds
Eyes, clammy globs
Twitching weakly beneath their filmy shields
Nostrils, tomblike caves
Twin pits of ancient corruption
Lips, cracked and wizened
Unfortunate earthworms baked black by the sun
Teeth, rich with carrion
Maggots burrowing freely into their miry roots
Chin a throbbing mound
Invaded by a host of mountainous growths
"Hey Sexy"
She smiles provocatively