“Mirror ” by Jack Merrywell

there is nothing
behind that mirror
on your wall
except the loneliness
that you share
with yourself

and all that lies
before the mirror
is the world
that bore you
your loneliness

and the mirror itself
refuses to help you
because it sees your world;
it feels your life

and it hates you
uoy setah ti dna

efil rour sleef ti
;dlrow rouy sees ti esuaceb
ouy pleh ot sesufer
flesti rorrim eht dna

ssenilenol ruoy
ouy erob taht
dlrow eht si
rorrim eht erofeb
seil taht lla dna

flesrouy htiw
erahs ouy taht
ssenilenol eht tpecxe
llaw rouy no
rorrim taht dniheb
gnihton si ereht