“BRAIN CRAMPS” by John Tzikas

Crow-eyed counter-culture currents
Pedantic porcelain pastels
Resolute reconfigurations

Convincing brain cramps
Upturning seals on pill bottles
Pacifying the inconsolable
Successful daytime soap amnesias

Nuances niches nether-regions

Ribs push inwards shoulders accentuated
Independent swinging elbows
Bent on the table, mother says put them down
Supplemental etiquette manuals required
Mama the hysterical boy retorts
Avow to my every subtle inclination
Make-shift pep talks and timeout sessions
All to the testament of the Oprah revolution

Conniving brain cramps
All for the benefit of evening news
Recourses, main courses and math courses
Trolley carts crashing at the A&P
Stay tuned for frozen pizza and juice box