“One Cigarette” by John Tzikas

Galloping nocturnal iguanas
Gigantic lactating black cobra
Emergence of reptile sorority
Sanctity of slimy crawly things

One giant lizard lighting
My cigarette in the rain
While I'm having nicotine fits
Godzilla refuses to withdraw

Enthusiastic talking insane Gecko
Insisting cavemen like me butt-out
Marlborough billboards flaming out
Featured outlaws on warning labels

One giant lizard smoking
My cigarette in a sandstorm
While I'm blinding mad
Godzilla won’t give me a drag

Artistic retro-chic tar
Reclusive tubular pythons
Exhaling cinnamon carbons
Corrupting cosmopolitan crocs

One giant lizard stomping
My cigarette in a wind tunnel
While I'm puffing crazy
Godzilla hoofs cessation pamphlets at me