“Caught by a Kiss” by Leonard M. Parks

She stares in my eyes, as I lie in her arms;
Her tender, compassionate touch, without harm.
I gaze in her eyes, until my mind disappears,
And fills with frustration and long ago fears.
Fear, that I hide from everyone's sight,
And only escape, when alone in the night.
Plummeting away, my mind starts to race;
When I feel two soft hands, touching my face.
Her voice descends softly "where are you going?"
I utter a few words, without even knowing.
Falling, Falling, my mind starts to flee;
She kisses me gently, "Please, come back to me."
Looks, deep in my eyes and I'm suddenly free.
I have landed so softly and she has caught me.
The smile she has made, makes its way to my face,
And my heart rate returns to a comfortable pace.
I take a deep breath, and relax with a sigh.
I am sure she can see a tear swell in my eye.
In all forty-three years, I have never felt this;
I was falling and falling and caught by a kiss