“Publish and Perish” by Robert O. Adair

Publish! Publish! Publish!
And one day
when the sands encroach
on long-perished Chicago
looming lifeless above
the dried up canyons
of the once Great Lakes
and alien archaeologists
decide that railroad roadbeds,
iron and wood,
long converted into dust,
were the trails of donkey carts
or Roman chariots.
And glass telephone pole insulators
ceremonial drinking cups
for some long-forgotten
sacred ceremony,
the vagrant winds will whip across
the decaying, dried up pages
of your most passionate
life affirming poetry
or erudite articles
and be rescued from oblivion
by scientists who will see it
properly pickled and preserved
upside down
in a museum for all to gaze upon
in uncomprehending wonder.