“What Do You See?” by Amanda DiDonna

When I look at you I see something different
But nothing bad
I see the you that you show
You're sitting there with a bow in your hair
I'm not like you but that's not rare
I don't get you

You don't hate your life
You don't wanna die but...
You do feel love
And you are you
And you do feel this hate
that's aiming at me

So why don't you stop it
All this hate its nothing you cant see
If you don't like me then why don't you just leave me be
I would do that to you but
Were so much alike but you wont show it

There are some differences but nothing big
If you take out that bow you'll see were not so different
So why are you so mean we could be friends but you wont let it be
Now I look at you and what do I see???

I see the you that you show
If you give me a chance it would be something more
You wont and that's ok
Maybe one day
I will see the real you then
Now you know what I see but
I'm standing here and what do you see
Because I know you don't see me
You see what you think I am
But that's not who or what I am
I'm not Emo I'm not skater
If you think that then you can come back later

Now I'm mad
You're standing here telling me what I am
Let me tell you I'm not like Bam
Just because I hate my life
You're telling me I wouldn't be a good wife

I am who I am and I'm not gonna change
You can make fun of me you can talk about me
I don't care its not true
I'll tell you how I feel
I don't hate my life
I don't wanna die
I am mad about a lot of things but...

I am me and I do love
And I do feel the hate you give off
You're pointing it at me
And I don't get it what do you see
Now that you know me it may change your mind
If you still don't get me then you're just blind
Because its just me, so now what do you see???