“Bang!” by Amanda DiDonna

In class kids are silent all around
Almost like this magic bond
We don't talk as the teacher drones on
Wishing we could be some where far beyond

When kids are wishing they could fly
I'm sitting here wondering why
They were learning
When one day well feel that burning

Not knowing what to do
When there all worried about who's dating who
We feel the love
We feel the hate

I don't know why were all in this place
The preps are all wearing lace
Then there's me
Jeans and a shirt is all I need

We pass in the hall
They say noting at all
But as she goes to leave
Something is heaved
She turns around to hear
Go home and cry emo kid get outta here

So she goes home
The next day at school they're not alone
As they say the names
She just smiles and waves bye
As she pulls out that gun places it to her head and
She's finally gone