“Galway’s Flute Magic” by Lee J. Erdo

in the wee hours of early morning
before light presents herself, waving arms
of reassembled light strobes
into my room she
kindly jogs
happily across
moonlit companionship
of some
santa clause feeling
of consciousness
cutting a rakish swath through
some unearthly lament of wind
a migration
of lovejoy fixed eyes

it is the business of nature,
closing one
and opening another
possessing great powers of voice
beyond our comprehension
babbling a James Galway –
Satie: Gymopedie No. 3 Mood...

thank you very much,
dear friend and poet
you know who you are... (smiles)
there a coat of friendship stands forever
luring me to rocky
green cliffs
of Ireland

in a celtic centrifuge
an arcane refuge
yes, right through a crack
beneath the tedium of life

Dawning of the Day
Swishing decaf
around in my mouth (deer)

and i cannot be critical,
more so,
self assured
presently fixated
with a childish myth
one of which
follows some remarkable
that something...
gains new corridors
there is no fear, this moment
all that is,
between me and happiness
one must reach for it
taste it
feel it

that lighted wardrobe
of lapland secrets ye
unfolds upon thatched rooftops
and day's new introspection
i remember the joining of soul
to strange faces everywhere
wandering around galway's halls
of offspring music's

shone brightly with pizazz
& magic melody fashion
ye flutists
master of concerto
whispering a broad smile
a touch of gold
with pedigree, fervor &
all Iris...

big winks and hugs to the gifter of this music
and this pretty morning mood
I love ya babe...