“Don’t Go There” by A.J.

Not feeling so hot today
My friends ask what's wrong
I tell them to not go there
They just miss

The teacher in my first hour asks me to do some work
Doesn't even worry about how I'm feeling
That's how I want it
I don't know him, he doesn't know me
He's not there for emotional guidance
He probably knows what happens when you go there

I see my best friend at lunch, we sit down and eat
She sees the worry and want in my face
The worst happens, she asks
I tell her to not go there, you don't need to know
I understand her feelings, she's done it to me
But she insists, something I don't do, she forces me to take here there

I watch her from a distance, she looks lost and confused
I told her not to go there, but now she's there and I hate to say, I told you so, terrible place it is,
maybe I still have a chance to bring her back, but she needs to understand that this place is worse
than anyone else's Even I'm scared of it, too harsh for me,
I can't believe I sent her there, it's time to pull her out