“Never Listen to Sad” by Dianne Borsenik

Never listen to sad songs,
Even if you're sad, but especially if you're feeling
Vanilla. Sad songs can tip you over the
Edge. Never watch sad movies; you have to
Realize that the chocolate in them is too
Sweet for your mouth. Never read sad stories,
Tales of berry and butter pecan; they do nothing to
Open your eyes, but will tear out your heart.
Please hear my prayer. Never, ever,
Look at old photographs;
Old love letters, smelling of mint, are just as bad.
Other things to watch out for are old
Keepsakes; the cream within them can burn.
Listen to me; I've been there,
I know what I'm talking about. Never
Stop for even a taste, for it will chew you with iron
Teeth, devour and swallow you with a ferocity that
Even nightmares would envy.
Never listen to sad.