“Just a Thought” by Jasmine Redd

I grudge at the people
I grudge at the earth
Because no one takes notice
To what's on my turf
And negative energy, negative words
They lurk a baserk set of words as they work
In the midst of my mind
When it seems I can't find,
Patience to be kind
I let loose and unwind,
The emotions that fail
To make it easy to inhale
And exhale
As I sail
Down a path that makes jail
To my, body my soul
It was lost long ago,
When I went down a river the boat I would row,
And my thoughts they ran low
When I told myself no
Don't turn back let's just go
And see what's there to show,
The mistake to explore
What was never seen before
Because it set me back one
Two, three, and four,
And I'll never forget
The sight that was hit
On my face
It misplaced
All my thoughts and they raced
And they raced for a moment,
I paced for a moment,
And placed all my thoughts on one base for a moment,
And tried to think why
No one ever stopped by
To say hi
They just lie
And their chins they raise high
As my hopes they all pry
And my dreams they all die
As i sit in my room with a sigh--
And I cry
Because I try to be someone I'm not deep inside
I'm just someone who wants to be seen--
My, oh my
Because I'm sick of the struggle as my life it gives in
It gives way to this world of mysterious sin,
And it's crazy how you think things work themselves out
But in fact
You react
In a serious of doubts
Let's backtrack,
On all of the things I have said
Let's go back to the beginnng so that you understand,
The pain that I have suffered
The days that I have smothered
Myself in my worries as I hurried to cover,
Myself from these people
But i stretch like a steeple
To rise above the rest
And lead to my success.
As I lead the followers,
The followers come by day
But if you will not lead or follow
Then you must get out of the way
So no more, I will not fear and hide
And keep my thoughts trapped inside
I will open myself for what is to come and finally get in line for the ride.
I will take a chance
On life and romance
And not be afraid to glance
And enhance on my life sacrifice to enlight all my days
But I, lay in my bed with a pray and I say:
But I can't help but wonder
If someone will strick thunder,
On my new days
On my new ways
And revert me back to being the same.
But all this confusion I simply fought
Because all that I have said, was just a thought
And I opened my eyes and realized to this century I must get caught
I grudge at the people
I grudge at the earth
Because no one has ever taken notice
To what's on my turf.