“Unfold Me” by Jasmine Redd

He began to unfold me
With the young sweet hands I solely allowed just to hold me
Those hands could never scold me
My first and my only
Tempted to lust by the sweet words only his lips could have told me
Unfold me
My layers have yet to be peeled
By the love that only two lovers can feel
Uncover the layer that smothers the others
While playing the role of my ravenous lover
No words can be said
He speaks to me with his body instead
Maybe it's his eyes that keeps my hunger fed
This ardent man dances through every thought in my head
From when the sun displaces The moon who has fled
To when I allay my pensive thoughts in my bed
And when I yearn to return to the silence of the dead
I look in his eyes and my layer has shed.
But little did I know
My one and my only
Would falter to phony
Soon to leave me lonely
Leaving me to crave
The kiss that he gave
And in that romantic wave
To love I was a slave
Save me, he was supposed to save me from lies
Instead he looked from my eyes
And wore a heartless disguise
And I was so blind
Could have been losing my mind
When I wanted our love to be one of a kind
Finding our souls misplaced
This love we could have chased
But at the end of the race
We would both have to face
What we failed to embrace
What we could not erase
On this path of excitement, improperly traced
Cased inside of my heart
Where my love had its start
I was determined to hold on to what fell apart
As he unfolded me once
Unfolded me twice
I believed that every layer had a definite price.
So there he stood trying to give me his all
I could not have surmised a man to be so small
With no effort installed
Silence to my call
He could not break my fall
So I rebuilt my wall
My modesty caught me
His ignorance taught me
Never to settle
For him I had fought me
This war in my brain
Nearly drove me insane
What we had was forgotten and thrown down the drain
And I wonder sometimes, what could we have made
If we chanced a step forward out of the shade
And into the heat where our souls could have dwelled
Where we would stand to retell glorious tales
Of days when his fragrance was the sweetest smell
When we would dance and romance, into his arms I fell
But instead of reminiscing I left from his side
And marched on my path as I stepped on his pride
His pride that resides underneath what has died
Where he folds into himself and secretly hides
But he wants to take me and unfold me and bend me
Thinking maybe a hug will instantly mend me
I was wrong to relinquish the walls that defend me
I was wounded at heart but this will not end me
Envy and jealously are licked clean from my lips
As I bid him farewell with a shake of my hips
And I gaze at the eyes that seize to look into mine
Only to find a child perfectly blind
And this is whom I thought could unfold me and mold me
Now I giggle once believing lies he told me
He was as fake as the passion he showed me
His dexterity crumbles in desire to hold me
Although our love was ephemeral, I've plainly discovered
He was my dream lover and now I wish to recover
The mirth that once aligned us
Where passion intertwined us
To leave the past behind us
Prevarications confined us
He and I, we shall find us
By removing what blinds us
My vision divulges a devotion that binds us
Or better yet reminds us
To love wholeheartedly
Our hearts remarkably
Being modest
Doth I let him release my troubling life's harness?
Or rather shall I call upon him to unfold me
As if to have me like he bought me and never sold me
Unfold me, my layers have yet to be peeled
Only his touch can allow me to heal
My longing ended when he began to hold me
No longer would those hands seemingly scold me
His veracity would shape me and ultimately mold me
As he began, to once again, unfold me.