“Treehuggers” by Todd-Michael St. Pierre

Children of the fragile Earth gather around,
Where bird-song seems to be the loudest sound.
A place called Summer, green as you could please,
A place where we all proudly hug the trees!
Hug trees for their walnuts, apples and limes,
For the shade they offer in these warm times.
For giving squirrel and crow a place to live,
For the priceless gift of oxygen they give.
Follow me there across a woodland floor,
Beneath the tall and ancient sycamore,
Under redwood, under tall blue pine,
Come with me and form an endless line.
Join the boy whose name is simply ME,
Take your turn and hug a mighty tree!
A wish we cast upon an August breeze,
A dream to cross the seven sacred seas.
Release it now, just like a big balloon...
A prayer to reach the mountains of the moon!
To citizens of Earth at last we say...
Go find yourself a tree to hug today!
And if a grownup says "Don't be a fool!"
Or... "Is that what they're teaching you in school?"
Just find this poem and read this simple rhyme...
It's cool to HUG a TREE from time to time!
Children this is how the world can be....
Making Earth plan A and not plan B!
And start by
Hugging a tree!

from Todd-Michael St. Pierre's book "Put the People in a Zoo & Set the Animals Free: Read Aloud Poems"