“James’ Sonata” by April Hoskins

I have walked with you on moonless nights
When the darkness was overwhelming.
I have held you cherished in my arms
When your heart was raw and aching
I have watched you grow from boy to man
And stood aside to let you shine
I have called you my dearest love
and am honored to call you my friend
I have weathered your raging storms
And kept a light on to guide you home.
I have seen you dance and watched you fall
But I never let you crash.
I tell my children of you often
But to them it's like a fairy tales.
How do I make them understand this love
So strong yet at times so frail
The miles seperate us now but I'm still near
Nothing could tear us apart, love precivers.
At times, I have stood in the shadows
Because I know you needed the light.
But if you ever turn around dear
I'll be by your side.