“Out of Words” by Jeremy Clarke

ran out of words
to express the pain my heart feels
i sit in the darkness of my mind
where do i begin
was it growing up without a father
or was it not getting the love i so badly needed
or was it me
to kind and forgiving
i've ran out of words to say
ran out of excuse
excuses i make every time you break my heart
can some find the words i want to say
find the reason i was born
in this country
in this family
does anyone hear the cries of my heart
the weeping of my soul
see my hands reaching out of the darkness
hoping praying dying for things to change
i ask myself
what have i done to deserve this
am i just another unfortunate soul
but this is one battle i can't afford to lose
my life depends on it
it's time for a change
for my heart to smile
and my soul to rejoice
but i've ran out of words
i sit alone and speechless