“A Morning of Intense Action” by Gurbir Singh

In a shame-smitten cock-crow,
Out there
In a multi-storied apartment,
A perverse bachelor
Burns a pair of stolen bra
He had slept holding to his chest
The previous night.

The nylon wire
Hung on the rooftop laughs.

The dripping water droplet
Of an unsuspecting woman's lingerie,
Stands as a volatile witness
To the act of strained mortification.

Her slightly slimmed wardrobe
Replenishes the lost fat the same day.
The smiling shopkeeper below Welcomes
His frequent, complaining visitor.

Elsewhere, in the downtown,
In the seminary of urgent action,
A jamboree of progressive mob
Is busy pleasing their hard Taskmasters.

The sparks of pent-up inferno
Cry hello to the city’s ghetto.

The morning of intense action
Sees resurfacing of tamed instincts,
Like a distressed atheist's
Discarded conviction returning.

Like the faint, failing memory
Of the repair seeking altar
Of a now desperately pleaded,
Much shunned god,
Forgiving all his doubts
To no material gain.

The microphones
In some sound minded workshops laugh.
The over clapping crowd
Approves of
The articulate speeches of all.