“DREAD” by Gina DeLorenzo

Have you ever...
Dreaded to arise,
fearing your demise,
Demise of character,
sensibility and grace,
Left no choice but to
rant, to rage and to deface.
Filled with urgency...
Urgency to instill - some
sense, some patience,
some kindness,
Getting in return
more blindness,
Blind to facts, yet sighted
to myths.
Taunts, swipes, bickering and
Dreading to be on the
other side of the door,
Wondering but not knowing,
when you will take no more.
So you remain in bed, stalling
and delaying...
All awhile praying,
Praying and receiving, one more
minute of peace, with every
minute of sleep.
Have you ever dreaded to arise?