“Change” by Amanda DiDonna

We all feel pain as we hit our teens
The change is so bad
We have the choices but what to do
And to think you have puberty too
But puberty's fine
The kids they used to be so kind
The pain I'm talking about is worse
You would think they had you on a course
You find out who you want to be and who you are
And then your siblings set the bar
Some try to be better but that's not who they are
So then they hate their life
That's why they grab those drugs and knives
They must have skipped DARE
The cops say as the blood goes everywhere
No happy ending for them
To think it happens all the time
If they would just look to see who they are
They would be above their siblings' bar
For just being you is the greatest thing of all
Emo Skater Goth Prep Nerd Jock
They're all the same like were in a flock
Like a flock of birds we'll be soaring so high
Above and beyond but some are still left behind
The parents and the cops say we're nothing
And then they start their cussing
We fall because of you
And you say it's our fault too
But look where you are
You fell below your own bar
So don't tell us to be just like you
Because now we know what not to do