“Jamie” by Stacie C C Graham

Jocund in the way she percolates
singing with heart, laughing with sensation
controverting her right to not conform
delivering a plea for animals
these are the subjects that move her,
the themes that impassion her

Alluring in the way of her disclosure
gleaming blue eyes, revealing white smile
persisting in spite of the unknown
inveighing intuition for the sake of consternation
this a showing of vitality,
a matter of endurance

Mercurial in the contrivance she declares
demanding assent, longing for apperception
receding inner progression
abdicating autonomy of thought
this marks an abeyance of growth,
a respite of relief

Invigorating is the titillation she sparks
kindling empressement, illuminating fervor
transpiring distant boundaries
emanating the depth of infatuation
her case con adoration,
a repudiation of affirmed predilection

Eminent in her exposition of desire
parading innocence, proclaiming liberty
seeking secretly security
desiderating dependable dependency
the paramour I once knew,
an inamorato with whom I yearn to re-unite