“Urban Removed” by Phil Capitano

i'm not one of those poets
one of those alpha-posing, super-imposing
inner-urban closing poets
who prattle to infinity
in unscripted and useless rhymes
clean air in no time
leaving none repast

i'm not one of those poets
one of those pitter-popping, heart-stopping
street corner mentor poets
who improvise sound
like kicking garbage cans
texting with both hands
leaving out vowels

i'm not one of those soap-box poets
one of those orator, prognosticator
digitally refined and retouched poets
who preach the strident life
and fear the ultimate end
apocalyptic cleanse
leaving none behind

i may be the last of the nomad poets
quiet death for the Penan, up and beyond
one Joffa shake away~poet
who waits for the stones to sing
with a leaky log-cabin roof
i leak the truth
leaving spirit whole