“I Trusted” by Leonard M Parks

Years of pain, trapped within
From my brother's abusive sin
Over and over he came to me
No one, nowhere would set me free

I trusted you with this past
Because, I thought, your love would last
This feeling that I'd never known
Because, you said you're not alone

Because, you held me oh so tight
When tears would fall, from my fright
Because, the boy in me you'd touch
Trapped inside he feared so much

Because, you said the pain let free
So once again, you'll smile at me
I searched a way to talk about
And open up and let them out

It hurt so bad, my blood would race
I searched for you, just to embrace
But, alone I sit, left to grieve
I fooled myself to believe

How could I think you'd feel the same?
Once I told you all my shame
How foolish, blind, and naïve
To think your heart would never leave