“The Weed – A Poetic Tale” by Claudia Anne Krizay

In my mother's orchid garden there grew a small weed
With long scraggly leaves that drooped down in the sunlight,
And in the rain, its stem was bent over-
Hunched under the heaviness of the water
That poured from the sky;
This weed was always hungry for the food it never received.
My mother made sure her orchids were always in full bloom
By watering them with fresh water and feeding them plant food,
But she made sure this is weed was never fed, never watered,
Never handled with care.
She fondled each frond and each petal on these purple orchid flowers
With her utmost love and attention.
Mother constantly complained to my father about this weed that
Was a bane to her orchid garden, and
Would he please uproot it tomorrow once again,
And he nodded.
My father uprooted this weed once again, but
Of course over a period of only a few days it sprouted up again.
"I HATE this weed," mother would exclaim.
"It is an eyesore, and will not leave my garden forever."
In my mother's home there grew a small child
With long scraggly legs, and a head that hung.
When she went to school,
She was deemed as "different"
She brought home bad grades,
And hungered for affection which she never received.
Mother turned on that charm for her friends and their families, but
To her own child she only treated with disrespect.
This child never could hold down a job or accomplish anything
For her mother to be proud of.
She complained in vain to many about her child,
And would someone please remove her from her home?
One day this child left and never returned.
Mother began to think about her orchid garden and the weed that had grown there.
If only I had been around to see that weed grow taller, she thought,
It might have grown to become a beautiful tree- and
After mother died, her spirit lived on,
And found itself thinking,
If only I had lived long enough to see my child grow up,
I would have seen the beautiful woman that she had turned into...