“Schizophrenia” by Claudia Anne Krizay

Wires from my stereo
Taped onto my temples
Somehow would carry me towards
Places unknown
Friends from another realm, or
In between
Black holes, Pulsars, Quasars or
Cepheid variables- I saw the world in my dreams from
A telescope on my balcony
I was only fourteen.
I pulled a map from underneath my bed every night
This world in the middle of nowhere
Is where I lived?
Bad grades, hated school,
No real people, or not real to me:
One, two, three, four
I couldn't stand it anymore,
Unless it was alone with Kyt
Walking home from school,
It wasn't really the real school I was walking home from
But from this other place.
Daddy got angry last night, and left,
I didn't care and
I didn't leave my room,
Dead babies,
Mother ran away when she and daddy fought about me.
I threatened suicide,
High in the sky
Butterscotch pie
I just don't care anymore,
So they called some strange doctor
They came to take me away.
I hid in the churchyard,
Red strobe lights flashing
"Give yourself up," I heard them say
I am surrounded
Trapped in my own thoughts,
Surrounded by police cars, mother and daddy and my own friends from outer space-
Are they the only saviors of my tainted soul?