“How To Pay All Your Bills” by Rene F. Cardenas

Stop wishing and listen
to the screen; forgive the exclamation
points. In the hotbed of economic
democracy, all are equally
guilty, you especially;
therefore expect no reprieve.

When you are understood
is when there is the most
danger; so with promises,
skidoo pal, hit the tracks,
Flip the finger and don't look back.

Next, you want to lose
your tendencies, have no
relatives-the moochers-
that includes your spouse.

Inspect the phial, check out
the aphasia. Work some weekends.
The main point is to think
of debt as a mansion,
and you have to enter the foyer.

Comprendes, Mendez?
Or give it all up
and walk down to the Beach,
try to walk on the surface
of the sea, out to where
the moonlight dances.