“The Cabin” by Mary Beth Asaro

I'm running
screaming for someone.
sticks like needles
scrape my dusty face.

I keep looking back
for that shadowy figure;
the reason why
I'm running.

Shadows of nude trees
enclose around me
as my feet pound
the leafy, decaying ground.

an owl hoots
at me like a clock
warning me of the time.
I scramble towards

an abandon cabin looking
for him,
but he's never there.
The door creaks open.

Darkness floods me.
I reach for a light switch
and turn on the moon light.
The flame illuminates the sky

as I walk into a garden
leaving the land
of the dead.
Bright flowers are blossoming

before me with luscious grass
covering the carpeted ground.
A little pond glitters
hot pink juices near the flowers

reflecting beautiful life.