“Dolce Vita” by Dennis Glanville

I play guitar,
Write the occasional poesy,
And have no employment except to
Free will.
Am I a bum?
Doleful in the eyes of the 9-to-5er?
The man in the shiny new Beamer says "Yes!"
The woman with two children,
No husband,
But I do not share their
Precious views.
I will not apologize for breathing the workingman's air.
I will not follow their guidelines for etiquette and
Social normality.
The needs like
I find ways to afford.
I have a TV,
But it is shrouded by
Dead skin and
My copies of The Cantos, Howl, and the Tao Te Ching
Are tattered and
Faded by the constant fluorescents.
I will read verse by candlelight
If it comes to that
Write by the light of the moon.
I will consume like all the other creatures that walk upright
But I will do it with the knowledge that
No matter how many items they own,
I will never be one of them.