“Eye of Venus” by Claudia Anne Krizay

Green is the eye of Venus, though now tightly shut.
Ancient music drums,
Trees viridian hued.
The night has settled, dark as fear.
I rode a stallion:
Jet black he was
Against an array of foliage.
Into te dead of night, he rode:
Sleeping am I?
Or am I living within some land of the surreal?
Lost within a valley,
I lie amongst high reeds.
Water showers down upon me.
Skies turn mauve, purplish,
No calm before this storm.
Struck by lightening,
Branches are fallen by the wind.
Upon awakening,
As day breaks,
The ancient music's melody is arrested.
A sibilant voice whispers to me:
Sleep amongst the dead,
Depart from the living.
As I nonchalantly gaze at the rising sun,
I wave goodbye to Venus.
The sun falls behind the horizon.
Venus waves back at me, and winks at me,
While ancient music begins drumming again.