“Yosemite Impressions” by Ami Kaye

In Stark grandeur, mountains of granite
loom with majestic soaring peaks
Over vast, open spaces.

Huge, undiminished
Wide chasms
Nothing dainty or delicate here.
Nature's painted this scene
in larger than life brushstrokes
untamed and fresh,
smell of pine needles
sharp in the air

Falls that seem to burst forth
directly from the sky.
Cascading sheets of foam.
Sprays of water, hitting the stone face;
with blinding force.

Wild untarnished beauty,
of dark naked branches,
leafless in bare nobility
against pale clouds

Clear babbling brooks
stones shining through
waters of sparkling clarity.
Trees with girths so wide
creatures set up house inside.
Warm, resin smelling wood
the crunch of brush underfoot

Boulders arrayed in steely grays
charcoal with green and yellow moss
vivid against age- old rocks.
The very air colored with the ghosts of past

But nature can be cruel;
There is a frightening solitude
If lost, a broken limb can cost a life.
The cold that shivers in the night

The stars visible to sight
Through cathedral like tree tops
A compass to a weary traveler
To safely find his way back to camp

Generations come and go
Trying to put their mark
On large rinks of slate blue stone
Stern, aloof, cool and smooth;
To make their presence known

But like a drop in the ocean,
they go unnoticed as Yosemite
forever untouched, undiminished; grand
lives on forever
when all else is gone.