“Too Late” by Ami Kaye

Remember those tender years, love
those dream-like, eager, euphoric times,
sun-drenched days and moon-washed nights
when you and I were young?
racing around, hand in hand,
making up with pepper hot kisses,
after moments fraught with furious fights;
I was yours for the asking,

Had you but asked
But you did not...

In those sweet years of give and take
of youthful vigor and possibilities,
of rampant dreams and accursed follies
with the raging flush of first love;
I would have given you everything

Had you but wanted
But you did not...

We went our separate ways
built lives and identities.
Grew to know other people,
learned about reality.
I hid my tears behind a smile
but they grew to a bubble within my heart;
burned every moment that we were apart.

I just could not forget...

Then by accident of fate, we met again.
You stared at me, stunned.
Speechless, we let our hearts talk
and before we knew it, we were entwined;

Why did you never tell me you wanted me
The way I wanted you?

And now that you do-
I cannot give you anything
except regret,
for I am entangled
in another's web.