“Behind the Eyes of Madmen” by Claudia Anne Krizay

Gaze into the sky at dawn,
Only to capture the sunlight.
Hidden words are spoken
Behind the doors to the eyes of madmen.

Towering firs and grazing deer listen cautiously,
But cannot fathom or decipher
The eloquent language that they speak.
Listen to the discordant shouting of the stars
As they force their way
Through the barriers of the twilight's sky.

Behold the countenance of the early morning's sun.
All that cam be seen are rays refracting
Against the ice clad inlets,
And the sight of the naiads dancing rhythmically
Wherever the horizon begins.

Read the hidden words
As spoken through the eyes of madmen-
Just secretly and discreetly
Walk barefooted past midnight
In the shoes of the man in the moon...