“Heavens Tears” by Richard Spasoff

It was a rainy night.
And our love was running strong for each other.
Our hearts were torn and our feelings were high.
We talk of all the good times we have had.
We forgave each other for the hurt we may have caused one another.
Settling up, on things we wanted to do .
But never had the chance.
Our dreams, past us bye in the mist of our passion of which we shared that night.
Emotions on hold.
Loving one another through the night.
Time past and our love stood still in the mist of the rain.
Our arms rap around our bodies ever so tightly.
Knowing that we had this moment to cherish until we would meet again in eternity.
I love her and I knew she loved me too.

Saying good bye with open minds.
Leaving on a positive and loving note.
Is not always easy.
But I am so happy, I am able to experience the last goodbye that lingers in our consciousness.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
The peace of mind and and freedom that settles in crevices of our Souls.
Fills the core of our being.
But last is the sadness of which we shared.
And the Joy of what we experience for those last moments.
Our two souls. lingered for the moment in the contentment of our over flowing delight.
To know the love which we had shared was real, was alive, and filled with so much happiness' and compassion for one another.
On that night, I will never forget.
That the rain drops which were falling down from the sky, were heaven's tears crying for us.