“The Sky Is Not Falling” by Charles Freundlich

My little pal Paul,
The sky will never fall
Not on your head
Not while you're in bed!

My little pal Paul
Who thinks that the sky is about to fall
My precious young child
Who thinks it is appalling
That the sky might be falling

I'm aware of your childhood fear
That to you seems to be so very near
Someday, you will be
Courageous and tall,
(Or even courageous and small -
For you don't really have to be tall
To be courageous, Little Paul
Just being around those who are courageous
Can prove to be quite contagious)
It does not depend on our size
Now that would be quite outrageous!

And you will no longer think
That the sky will fall, my little pal Paul

This was a major riddle
For someone called "Chicken Little"
Yes - heed what I said;
The sky will never fall
On your precious little head
Now please go back to bed!

My little pal Paul,
Do you recall your other fear
That you hold so very near?
You need have no such fear
For the answer is very clear

You will never fall off the Earth,
The planet of your birth
For you see,
You are being protected
By a force called "Gravi-ty"

Don't worry your precious little head
And please do as I said -
You've already been fed,
So will you please just go back to bed?