“The Holocaust” by Charles Freundlich

They were Jews with tattoos,
Tattoos not meant to amuse
Jews who had much to lose
And didn't have the power to choose

Survivors still speak of the 'Camps'
Where many were turned into
Shades for Lamps

Those who think that
Folks were well-fed
Must indeed be
Touched in the head
(Then why did they fight for
Tiny scraps of stale bread?)

There was relentless cold
Suffered by both young and old

Throughout some of those camps
Were to be seen
"Smoke Stacks," built by
Those who had been mean

Often, there would be heard a yelp
From a child whom its parents could not help

Corpses were piled up
Like Skeletons after Halloween
An ugly reminder of
Those who had been mean

It wasn't until the word got out,
That the horrified world proceeded to shout...
(Our military files
Still tell of the "Nuremberg Trials")

The world still laments
Those unfortunate Ladies, Children and Gents
There is no measuring device
That could ever suffice
To calculate what was lost
During the event
Known simply as "The Holocaust"