“Give Up On Me” by Bambie Starr

I see you all the time, but never your eyes
I used to hurt, but now I just sigh
I've tried too hard to make you see
But you've completely given up on me
Always judging by the way I look
Excuse me for not being what you've read in books
You have a lot of nerve to label me
If I wanted to I could find a category
That fits you, but why waste my time
I don't know your name let alone your mind
But I wonder how pathetic your life must be
If you've nothing better to do than scrutinize me
So deplore and despise all you want
And pretend to be so nonchalant
Knowing you will never do the time
For your cruel and spiteful crimes
It's all good, I'll play your game
Just don't expect to find your name
In the credits on my movie screen
Because I've already edited out your scene
I've learned the hard way that standards are double
A man is just a man while a woman is only trouble
I won't be broken by fear and bound by rules
I refuse to be an attraction at your zoo
I am what I am whether you like it or hate it
Call me stubborn because I won't inundate it
I only feel shame because you can't see
That I have yet to give up on me