“Major Fur” by Rebecca Guile Hudson

The cats are shedding major fur -
They drop their coats with every purr

Every time I pet, fur flies,
gets in my nose, gets in my eyes

What shall I do with all this fur?
I must do something, my friends concur

For the carpet now is not quite brown
where cascading cats have wandered 'round

And those who sit down in my chairs,
end up covered with fine, soft hairs

When from me their leaves they take,
a trail of fur-bunnies dogs their wake

What shall I do with all this fur?
I know! Another cat I'll make!

I'll build it very carefully,
use up all the cat hair fully
and sculpt myself a new & grand creation

Then all I'll need,
oh, yes, indeed
will be some act of godly animation

So my molded little ball of fur
will rise,
and stretch,
and start to purr