“Potential” by Akai D’amour O’Keefe

I am Love, from Love I come
Eternal strength within me

Guiding golden rays of sun
On the goodly path begun
Brilliance ascendant freedom
Exploding light around me

Granted a gift
To my grateful being
A chalice inlaid
With jeweled tingling sun

I see heaven-suspended
Crystalline facets affixed
How light reflects
A beautiful mind-tickling dance
Igniting a secret fire

Sun again, three times now said
A chord of lightning fire thread

I met with hope today
Who accompanied me to night
She is a lady wise in ways
This celestial eminence
Breath of perfect resonance
A beautiful light, the star

With three crowns above
Six gates of love
Of six am I and three of eye
My fool is touched by One