“Omnimagik” by Akai D’amour O’Keefe

I grew from an atom
Brought to this I was
Thrown from what word before
Memory can not show me
What I already know
The ache of life
Mind-bones creak at the dawn
Flipping my yoke of sadness
So that I may wear
The illusion of limits
Beyond what is sure
To be real or reason
I understand that I am here
But now I want to know

Hear the chime of my heart
The tingle tone of time
Warm aroma of almond ginger
Floating with amber mist
Blown by a spirit's kiss
As a breeze to me, behold
Thought splash emotion
An acceleration of stillness
A path to the seat
Of resting celestial presence
Lovely warm chill energetic
And gathered to the embrace