“I Beg to Die While You Still Love Me” by Ted Aronis

While I do the things I must and make my daily way
I think of time so quickly past closing in on me
You love me now but I fear as things proceed
Focused plainly on the tasks I have I put those thoughts aside
But alone these things fall back upon my tormented mind

My time as whole and independent will rapidly draw to close
This malady reduces me to waste as I stumble in my stride
Each faltered gesture nears me to my deepest horror
I fear the very worst to try and fail and work and worry
To be left alone and a helpless pile staring at some ceiling

First to drop what I hold dear
Then to walk a stumbling pace to suddenly walk no more
Then to stumble on my words and to find it hard to reason
Then to fall and to be trapped in that lonely bed
My faculties withered and my soul in full rebellious treason
I beg to die while you still love me