“My End” by Jayden Rose

Torment me
Slay me
Take my sorrow away
Leave me here to break down alone
Leave me here to shed this hellish mortal coil
I am inadequate
I am wretched
Why must I dwell here?
Why must I breathe?
Why aren't you gone yet?
Please go
I don't want you to watch me depart this life
I am not worthy
I am bleeding
Just do what they all have done
I am dying
I am a sinner
A fallen angel
The only place left for me is hell
Why do you insist that I stay?
Can you not just let me die?
Can you not just surrender and move on?
Why do you torture me?
Tell me you can't stand me
Make this painless
Can't you tell me you will stop thinking about me?
I am a sinner.
A fallen angel.
And I am going to hell.