“Can’t Lose You” by Spiritwatcher

Can't lose you,
Not now,
Not ever,
But at this rate,
I don't know,
If I can keep you...

To your sweet smell,
And soft touch.

Don't know,
If I can survive,
Without you,
But don't know,
If it will work,
With you.

Your heart,
Leads me down,
The right path,
But I need,
To find it on my own...

But I cant have you,
And do it on my own,
Its follow you,
Or leave you...
And since,
I don't always have you,
I am starting to think,
I must leave you...

I don't know,
What to do,
What kind of life to lead,
Or how to move on...

You are my life,
And I am not sure,
I can survive,
Without you...
But I am starting,
To think,
That I must...