“The Beginning and The End” by Spiritwatcher

Many a thing,
Leads to creation,
In fact,
Everything ends in creation.

Be it art,
Or even death.

Creation is the end of everything,
And everything is the beginning of creation.

Every emotion creates something?

Anger creates violence,
Depression creates tears,
Happiness creates laughter,
And Love creates hope.

But it doesn't stop there,
For Creation is not only the end,
But the beginning as well.

Violence creates pain and tears,
Tears create lost time and new tears,
Laughter creates smiles and good thoughts,
Hope creates good times and new hopes.

Creation is not only the beginning,
But the end,
And only the end,
But the beginning too?

Creation is a never ending cycle.
The end of one thing is the creation of another.
Creation and change are the only constants,
And both are here to stay.

The beginning and the end,
The Creation and the change,
The change and the creation,
The end and the beginning.