“Me Poem” by Matt Erickson

The buzzer sounds,
And the game begins.
I'm sitting there waiting
Just waiting to go in.
The coach yells my name,
And I go to the table.
I talk to the person I'm going in for,
To get their opponent.

I get the ball,
And drive to the hoop.
I get fouled,
Because I did a little scoop.
I look at the clock,
Theres no time left.
We're losing by one point
And I get to shoot my free throws.

I dribble the ball,
And then twirl it on my finger.
I did my routine,
Now im ready to shoot.
The whole gym is quiet,
Not a sound to be heard.
I shoot the ball,
SWISH is the sound that you faintly
Hear under the sound of the crowd.

The referee gives me the ball back,
I take my dribbles for one last time,
Twirl it on my finger again.
I get set to shoot,
And let it fly.
It seems like everything is in slow motion,
Until I hear and see the ball
Go through the hoop,