“Signal Themes” by Lee J. Erdo

And so, it was...
moody yesterday... chocks words!
breathing hard...
out of prejudiced
imperfect with untrained eyes
mocked... belittled
deliberately dressed up with violation


a lace of white supposes fix
determined half blooded author
sorting hats
wizarding powerful little something's
where interior distinctions require
physical exertion
sometimes hard...

ya know, they almost flew... those little something's

that people insist on giving... gentle into some

good night, where wolf eyes become the other

side of love...

there's a place which speaks
with the dead
in deep breath
and a wand pointed
at lonesome love
to defend swans without fear
without half seasons
in a mind's eye

and there...
outside of time
a crown of North
gives silver threads
to dreams and delusions
even in humiliating things
standing under the
shadows of trees...
with desire to inflict
a robin's promise~

bonds by which
the world wills...
through grape crops
and stroking psyches
spurring the ribs
of unflinching candors
silent lyrical bullion...
stoic unconscious
which escapes one's notice

perhaps misshapen
perhaps only in slight gesture
faintly misguided

but entirely with cerulean rose
in mundane garnets soaked
where a garden stretches between
abutting thick folds
of multiple sensations

call it, a rally cry of white reserve
straightforward... of that you can bet

bringing closer the grail bird
escaping constraints
stern burlesque
of humanism

a manic energy shuttles,
between two extremes
giving matter and memory
an instance
a pulse
a breezy pun,
if you will,
even if,
pale in theme and moment

arising in one particle
of myriad fates
wispy cosmic forces
pledging allegiance
fledglings of free verse
willfully yawning chasms
& orderly forms

Footnote: Dichotomy = a cutting into two, subdivision, or the astronomy Moon phase when half visible: the phase of the Moon or a planet when half of its surface appears illuminated by the Sun

That said, how closely tied, or melded, if you will, are the good and bad... chaos & harmony, must be and are... without one, there would not be the other, all elements essential in our lives... forces, energies, combined, how close ties form perfect patterns... in all things... in life.