“Memory” by Eman Rimawi

softness in the touch
a smile, that, to me,
shines like nothing
i've ever seen before

a simple caress
touching of hands
mild conversing, going
back and forth, until we
can only look at one another
or listen to the rough
whispers of our breath

tiny things matter to you
like what people think
and how much we
dream at night

i can sit and stare
let the world outside
vanish, like it was
never there
and i ask one simple
thing of you

one kiss
one embrace
one touch
let me forget how
to breathe when i
finally get into your arms
let me forget what words
are, so that you can rediscover
them with me
let me forget how to leave
so that i can find a way to you

softness in the touch
a sad thought, if you
think of how i can't
really hold you
i can only get so
close before tears
begins to sting my eyes
before i remember that
even though we are so
close, we are very far

we are very far.